Monday, August 06, 2007

How is the usual jumping-way of life of a professional jumping-person?

Firstly, after awaking up,it is important go to the well to look for some water and refresh yourself. Of course, bring some water to drink later. It is going to be a busy day.

It is necessary to help the family with the usual duties of the village. Today, we use the threshing machine.The work in the village usually is really hard, so doing it jumping produces benefits in our health.

Not all the things in the life of a joung are to work, and to work... It is important to practice some sport. So, dress you with your basketball clothes and jump as higher as you can.

All right!.It's getting dark and It is time to relax and to take a break. Get your nicest clothes and go for a walk. Look out!! Be careful, in any corner it is possible to find a jumping-party.

Oh, my god!!. It was so a stressful jumping-day. It is time to go to sleep. It is very necessary a comfortable pyjamas to carry out nice jumping-dreams. That's all my jumping-friends. Have a nice rest and dream with the jumping-angels!!

© Clara


cLa said...

he tenido un gran maestro si señor!!! jejejeje

me decian en el pueblo: "haber si así ganas el concurso eh???"... ¬¬ en fin... de nada sirve explicar las cosas mil veces jejejeje


Borja Santos Porras said...

¿Te decían que a ver si ganabas el concurso?...jajajajaj. ¡¡¡Qué bueno!!!
No te preocupes Cla,algún día tú y yo seremos jumping-famous ;)
Un besazo,

iker said...

joe... tienes a una alumna aventajada,jejejje, parece q la han puesto unos muelles en los pies, xq esta to el dia saltando,jejeje.
es la reina de tu flog!!!!!
1 abrazo!!

Borja Santos Porras said...

You are right Iker. ¡She is the jumping queen!