Saturday, January 13, 2007

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Friend of Tomasz

One Tomasz' friend has sent him this picture. Tomasz and me are shocked... That picture is marvellous!. But soon, we will be together in Hamburg and Berlin to improvise and to try to make pictures so beautiful like that.
Whatever will be your name or wherever you will be... Congratulations!

Tomasz in Japan - Yes!!. Jumping pictures began in Japan... Fantastic!

Metin, Tomasz und japanese friend
Miyajima beach (Japan)

Tomasz Kruk
Japanese beach

Monday, January 01, 2007

The jumping Supervillainous wish you... Happy New Year!

The priest , the stepmother of Snow White (Blancanieves), Joker, the little lost child, the bad worker, the bad of "Pulgoso" dog,Rafa Guerrero, the bad of the Dante's performance and the bad (style 'Dick Tracy)

Valladolid (Spain) - New Year's eve 2007

Isra, Javi, Borja, Carlón, Cris Samu, Jaime and Churri
Valladolid (Spain) - New year's eve 2007