Monday, November 06, 2006

Valladolid III - "More that one hundred people...that's cool!"

Scout Group "Cruz del Sur"
Casa de oración de las Dominicas (Valladolid) - 5/November/2006

Valladolid II - Clan Tamaragua - "The level is incredible"

Clan Tamaragua
Casa de oración de las Dominicas ( Valladolid ) - 5/Noviembre/2006


Borja and Bego
Duomo of Milano - 1/November/2006


Borja and Ana
St Mark´s Square (Venecia) - 30/October/2006

Herrera de Duero - "The scouts begin to be motivated in jumping pictures"

Kraal de monitores del grupo Scout "Cruz del Sur"
Herrera de Duero ( Valladolid ) - Octubre 2006

Madrid II

Saçul, Daniela, Katherina and Borja
Palacio Real (Madrid) - Octubre 2006

Segovia II

Borja, Negro, Su y Samu
Alcázar(Segovia) - Octubre 2006

Segovia I - "Jumping in the palaces of the kings"

Borja, Susana, Negro y Samu
La granja ( Segovia ) - Octubre 2006

Fashion designers of Jumping Pictures

One day, the life of three crazy youths crossed in oneself road. They decided to travel around Europe making madness everywhere. Their imagination had no limits. The graveness was never obstacle for their dreams.In this way, they arose the fashion of the jumping pictures.

Today, they are separate, learning in their respective destinations awaiting to join again and to carry out new madness together.

Meanwhile, the jumping pictures become fashionable and people fly and fly. Tomasz, Mischi and Borja never knew the repercussion that their madness would have.


Raúl, Nacho, Borja, Antonio, Mishi and Tomasz
Jaen - 20 of august 2006

Madrid - "Jumping in the Capital" Maybe Zapatero would like to jump with us...

Mishi, Borja, Tomasz and Alfonso
Madrid - 19 of august 2006

Salamanca - " La que no es p... , salta"

Mishi, Bego, Jessica,Borja and Tomasz
Salamanca - 18 of august 2006

Valladolid - "Jumping in the major square"

Mishi, Borja, Vicente and Borja
Valladolid - 17 of august 2006

Versalles - " The King Luis XIV liked also jumping"

Tomasz, Borja and Mishi
Versalles - 16 of august 2006

Paris III - "Jump is fashion, also in Paris"

Tomasz, Mishi and Borja
Tour Eiffel (Paris) - 15 of august 2006

Paris II

Mishi, Borja and Tomasz
Les Champs-Elysées (Paris) - 14 of august 2006

Paris I

Borja, Mishi and Tomasz
Louvre (Paris) - 14 of august 2006

London II

Borja, Mishi and Tomasz
Buckingham Palace (London) - 11 of August 2006

London I

Borja, Mishi and Tomasz
Big Ben (London) - 10 of August 2006


Mishi, Borja, Pim and Tomasz
Rotterdam - 8 of August 2006