Monday, January 01, 2007

The jumping Supervillainous wish you... Happy New Year!

The priest , the stepmother of Snow White (Blancanieves), Joker, the little lost child, the bad worker, the bad of "Pulgoso" dog,Rafa Guerrero, the bad of the Dante's performance and the bad (style 'Dick Tracy)

Valladolid (Spain) - New Year's eve 2007

Isra, Javi, Borja, Carlón, Cris Samu, Jaime and Churri
Valladolid (Spain) - New year's eve 2007


Tomasz said...

People should never be too old to do crazy things like this! I love these pictures and I hope there will be more and more and more:)

P.S. The Joker is great;)

Borja Santos Porras said...

The guy who planted and cultivated the roots of this kind of pictures was quite crazy. So ,now it is logical that the fruits and the leaves are amazing.
Best regards,

enthusiastic said...

you are very big!!! ;)

Borja Santos Porras said...

You more! ;)